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FiveCommon Misconceptions About Valuation.

Property art in there you’re going to have to do kitchen renovation bathroom renovation you know paint and carpet those sorts of things on the way so that will give you a greater understanding of the worth of a Renault when it comes time to go okay now understand completely I can do a kitchen and a bathroom and full rent  for X dollars because we’ve done it beforehand if I do that a possibly a plus B equals C you know it’s a profit so yeah and again the key on that stuff is you’ve got to know your numbers haven’t you and work out a worst-case scenarios exactly Thank You happen okay another strategy for a lot of people is buying off-the-plan so obviously you’re buying on.

A beautiful picture maybe buy today at five hundred grand in  or months it’s reality and it’s worth and you could almost get eighty percent finance and buy it for nothing yeah tell us about the pros and cons of that and the likelihood of that actually happening people go to the casino too but you know it’s uh it’s something that buying properties off the plane is not something that I’m an advocate of at all it’s something I’ve stayed clear of throughout my whole investing career the reason being is that you’re buying someones you know developers come into bought by Brisbane Property Valuers.

The game they’re going to build something in a cell with the glossy brochure and everyone’s getting a big massive kickback from it from a commission from the real estate agents whatever for selling that property I have bought countless bulk buyers of properties from developers where developers went bust bought properties half the money of what the original buyers are paid for it and it’s it’s something I’ve seen too much you know blood on them.

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Jigsaw puzzle in my life I don’t look at and say okay I want to have lots of money or anything like that I look at it and nohow can I use property and leverage it to get myself to a position where you know I’m happy and comfortable and certainly on there now and I think the best days lie ahead though so and look Mean certainly you’re not into the private jets and all that kind of thing.

I think when I met you a couple of years ago hadn’t even been on the plane though we had to get a few drinks down you to getyou want to play so again is the whole thing is it doesn’t necessarily have to change your life does it exactly the things that have changed my life is you know I don’t have to worry about money or worry about putting petrol in the carer anything like that financial independence for me means that i can live life on my terms and do what you know what I want when I want and you know do things.

For fun so look it’s certainly the dream that a lot of people want yeah but it wasn’t a handout you didn’t suddenly lose the lottery or sorry win the lottery and so tell him the tough stuff tell him how hard you’ve done it from the start yeah for me Grew up in a blue blue collar working family western Sydney and for me I would didn’t want have to go and work years of my life I thought that was risky people say oh you know buying property all that sort of stuff is risky there’s lots of talks of people you know with mindset of fear.