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Often an empty property practitioner is asked to write the strategy alone. If she based in housing, she will obviously tailor the objectives and strategy to deliver more affordable housing or increase housing supply to house applicants on the housing waiting list. An empty property practitioner based in Environmental Health is likely to prioritise those properties that are causing the biggest nuisance. One Local Authority prioritises properties according to how long they have been empty and then how great a nuisance they are causing. An empty property practitioner based in Economic Development will writ the strategy ensuring empty properties should be prioritised as to greatest economic degenerative effect i.e.

if empty flats above shops are contributing to the decline of the town centre and increasing crime concerns, they would want to ensure that these are brought back into use before the empty four-bedroom houses on the outer edge of town (which incidentally are likely to have been a priority for Housing if there a need for larger accommodation for waiting applicants). View Detail: E Conveyancing Adelaide 

When talking through the issue that Durham corporate working group it was easy to show how priorities for empties differ across the board and how each priority is important. If the strategy is written from only one perspective it is highly unlikely to receive corporate commitment and cooperation between departments. Why should an Environmental Health officer work to deliver the objectives of the Housing-led empty property strategy were they differ so much from their own. Are there really resources available in that department to tackle larger properties providing more accommodation for housing when their own pressing workload encourages them to work on those great creating the greatest possible nuisance?

But equally if an empty property is to be brought back into sustainable use it requires co-ordinated action and input. There is no point tackling the property that has been empty the longest if it is likely to provide accommodation that is unpopular. A successful strategy will be a merger of the differing priorities of each department concentrating on a strategic bottom-up approach. The way to start is to look at why properties have become and remain empty. Is private investment needed? How is the local authority to draw that in? In most cases the answer is to view the problem of empties holistically. Perhaps the town centre should be regenerated first; flats above shops brought back into use for private sale thus increasing spend power in the town centre.