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Jigsaw puzzle in my life I don’t look at and say okay I want to have lots of money or anything like that I look at it and nohow can I use property and leverage it to get myself to a position where you know I’m happy and comfortable and certainly on there now and I think the best days lie ahead though so and look Mean certainly you’re not into the private jets and all that kind of thing.

I think when I met you a couple of years ago hadn’t even been on the plane though we had to get a few drinks down you to getyou want to play so again is the whole thing is it doesn’t necessarily have to change your life does it exactly the things that have changed my life is you know I don’t have to worry about money or worry about putting petrol in the carer anything like that financial independence for me means that i can live life on my terms and do what you know what I want when I want and you know do things.

For fun so look it’s certainly the dream that a lot of people want yeah but it wasn’t a handout you didn’t suddenly lose the lottery or sorry win the lottery and so tell him the tough stuff tell him how hard you’ve done it from the start yeah for me Grew up in a blue blue collar working family western Sydney and for me I would didn’t want have to go and work years of my life I thought that was risky people say oh you know buying property all that sort of stuff is risky there’s lots of talks of people you know with mindset of fear.